this one was rough for me.  my day went to shit on the 1st so i finished on the 2nd and then didn’t have time to post until today.  i can’t wait until my holiday vacation starts!

my view from the throne

artwork by Abigail. i might have hung it upside-down.

cinnamon Life milk


the thanksgiving pineapple, which did not get used

he wants to know what’s going on ALL THE TIME.  if he could fold i wouldn’t mind so much

my grandma’s necklace and my filthy dirty bathroom mirror

this is where the magic happens

the bat

snapchat amuses me frequently – more so when i’m stoned (which i am decidedly NOT here, but i thought this was cute-ish)

phlur samples.  hepcat and hanami.  i do not understand packaging.  just give me my shit – i do NOT need it under 14 layers of crap.  is this a millenial influence thing?  the need for superfluous packaging?? i do not need an *experience* when opening my fucking sample stuff.  get over yourselves already.

ready for bed

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