random photo day – 09.02.17 (jentober)

i did a lousy job keeping track of time today, so. yeah. this is the day. good morning.

my happy place.

W said OMG it’s so soft! i said alpacas make the best yarn.


i bought some ronald reagan socks. they were $11.95. the woman asked me ‘are you paying with cash or card?’ i said, ‘cash.’ she said, ‘we don’t have any nickels, would you mind paying $12.00?’ i just looked at her. i told her i had change. the Mister said, ‘you should have said, “i’m buying REAGAN socks, what do YOU think?”‘

here is a terrible photo of my hour long drive to pullman, mi, to meet my newest cousin, miss abigail lynn, born august 30.

one of my cousins said “gosh you forget how tiny they are.” i said, “forget?? my kids were NEVER this tiny.” and it’s true. i make big babies.

my bff, my surrogate sister, my aunt ali.


i thought about stealing it, but i was reasonably certain my uncle would have noticed it was gone.

and here we are in lovely plainwell, the island city, on the hour drive home.

of course i had to get donuts when we were at the orchard today. duh.

these chickens think i have food for them.

we are almost out of toilet paper.

i’m gonna wash my face now. exciting!

passed. out.