random photo weekend – january (jentober)

trying very hard not to vomit from the migraine so intense it caused ringing in my right ear for three solid days. i couldn’t hear a bloody thing.

coffee and tea

hired for my first funeral
“mom, can i wead dis book in da bafroom?”
(Twice Dead: Organ Transplants and the Reinvention of Death It’s very good, you should check it out.)
she’ll murder me in my sleep when she sees this
bountiful art
finishing up Red’s wedding shawl
random accumulations
hatchimals are the new littlest pet shop menace
when i officially go into the death business i’ma dress like a goth cowgirl all. the. time.
oh don’t worry, i’ll be reviewing this michigan murder book on my soon to launch book blog. cos it has it coming.

everyday sacred objects
don’t sweat it, pal
comfort in things that were left behind