random photo weekend – july (jentober)

in no particular order, things that happened.

i pulled this off the shelf like this. who steals a bun out of the package and puts it back on the shelf?
i’ve been waiting for this to go on clearance since the beginning of june. got it for 60% off. wholly unrelated to that football nike foolishness, btdubs.
the Monster Truck Called Ashley J. Williams had to go in to the body shop. Stormageddon helped clean it out.
stupid chickens
literally anywhere but the coop.
this yarn is trying to tell me what it wants to be.
i may or may not have binged the third season of jessica jones.
this is what the teenager does when you try to take a photo.
this one, on the other hand, loves having his photo taken.
heading out on a route i haven’t driven in many many years. we used to play this in the car on the way there. a long time ago.