random photo weekend – december (jentober)

good morning

i meant to have this put together by now. oops.

how are both kids missing day 21? what happened on day 21??

gotta go back to the dollar store or they’ll have too much candy. dammit.

those are some happy faces.

day one socks and kisses

day one tiny dinos and kisses

you would not believe the dust i just cleaned off this shelf. i hate dusting.

grandpa came and brought more sugar.

yes. yes, i did have to use threats to get all 4 of them to behave long enough for a photo.

research and tea and knitting

2018-12-01 04.34.24 1.jpg

p.s. that is his new favorite shirt in the world and he wore it allllll weekend.

smash bros.

more research

nobody is as excited about christmas as this kid is.

good night