random photo day 11.01.16 (jentober)

wp-1478002742633.jpg6 a.m. i completely forgot today was the first until about half an hour after i got up and saw my reminder message from Red.

wp-1478002826554.jpg7 a.m. had i remembered, i might have actually attempted to deal with this hair today. too bad for me.

wp-1478002869655.jpg8 a.m. i just discovered there are peppers growing in the giant planter in front of my building. i love the landscaping crew that covers our area of campus. they’re so fun. and holy wow. i literally, as i was typing this, just noticed the slug. i was so caught up in the peppers i totally missed it.

wp-1478009453674.jpg10 a.m. evidently my morning has been just as nuts as i thought, and i missed 9:00. so here’s a biggby and mah boots.

wp-1478012779801.jpg11 a.m. you should try to make your cubicle hell as interesting as possible.

wp-1478015331933.jpgnoon or thereabouts. acupuncture. i always want to just stay there for the rest of the day. even though the house isn’t haunted.

wp-1478021573171.jpg1 p.m. or thereabouts. instead i have to go back to the office. whee.

wp-1478024267091.jpg2 p.m. i need some zen.

wp-1478027495265.jpg3 p.m. diet mtn. dew run. it’s probably a good thing i have to go to another building for a vending machine.

wp-1478031636516.jpg4 p.m. ish. i’m sad halloween is over for a whole entire year. well. let’s be honest. it’s never really over for jentober, is it?

wp-1478034309475.jpg5 p.m. waiting for my modern democratic theory seminar to start.

wp-1478051485889.jpgbedtime o’clock there was a gap on account of there are only 5 of us in the seminar and you can’t really take sneaky photos when there are only 5 people in your class. then i had to drive home. then i took a shower and got Stormageddon to sleep. and here we are. ‘night chickens.