i can’t believe i clicked that link: Ass Drop

jen:  now i need to cleanse my pallet palette whatever.

deb: i’ma share my ‘assDropFRIDAY!’ playlist with you.
you’ll love it 😉

jen: oh lord.

deb:  i’m kidding.
you’d hate it.

jen: yeah, i was trying to be supportive.

deb: LOL


deb:  i can’t stop myself this morning.  this came on right before i got out of the car and now i’m in a MOOD.

you can’t tell me that the first 15 seconds of that song isn’t genius

jen: i can’t believe you made me click that link.

deb: you need to be more diverse.
i’m here to facilitate that for you.
you’re welcome.

jen: i listen to death metal. sometimes. that’s pretty diverse.

deb: huh

jen: maybe it’s more like biker metal.

deb: i’m pretty sure that i wouldn’t know the difference.

jen: also i secretly kinda love rammstein

deb: whomstein?

jen: frankenstein

deb: whatthefuckenstein!

jen: oooh new word!

deb: i like it

jen: i shall use it liberally

deb: please do!

jen: i can’t listen to this whizz kid. #whatthefuckenstein

deb: i just googled ‘rammstein’

jen: you’re welcome

deb: where to start… ?
what’s your favorite track?

jen: i don’t know them well enough.
i just like them when i hear them.
i wouldn’t say i’m a “fan” really.

deb: then why the fuck did i google them?

jen: because you made me listen to that guy say niggaz and ass

deb: oh, jesus. ‘Mein Land’

jen: now i’m gonna get hate mail for saying niggaz

deb: LOL
now i’m experiencing ‘Haifisch’.
if there’s such a thing as ‘surf metal’ that last one was it.
this one is a little less … frivolous.
i dunno – i can’t get past the german. it’s such an unattractive sounding language.

jen: it’s very authoritative.

deb: too much

jen: i always feel like i’m being yelled at.

deb: goodbye, rammstein.

jen: i just want to apologize.
for whatever i did to piss the germans off.
“i’m sorry i don’t like your beer!”
“i’m sorry i’m not entirely sure what a keugel is!”

deb: i wish i could make this post look more like our bubbles – me on the right, you on the left

jen: google it. maybe you can

deb: i figured it out.
it’s a small hassle, but i like it.  
(ed note:  it was wonky)

jen: you win the crown. if i had one

deb: i already won this morning when you clicked that link

jen: you mean evil won

deb: exactly

random photo day – 02.04.17 – 02.06.17 (jentober)

saturday:wp-1486220250312.jpg8:30 a.m. ish. i slept super late, powered by migraine meds and a mostly quiet Stormageddon. upon waking, my head was entirely pain free for a whole entire 5 minutes. it was a glorious 5 minutes, let me tell you.

wp-1486222527627.jpg 9:30 a.m. tea. you have coffee. i have french breakfast.

wp-1486220312872.jpg10:30 a.m. he’s disgusted with me because i told him to quit climbing on the table. worst. mom. ever.

wp-1486227941412.jpg11:30 a.m. – i just realized i’m working on two different shannon cook patterns. laylow shawl, which is one of my favorite gift knits (right), and the timber cardigan, which i’m making for myself because it looks like the kind of cardigan you just live in, and also i could use a nice brown cardigan (left). i just love her patterns.

wp-1486231461854.jpg12:30 p.m. – cleaning toddler off the refrigerator. just in case you thought all i did was read and knit.

img_20170204_132522.jpg1:30 p.m. – the mail was profoundly disappointing. sigh.

img_20170204_143504.jpg2:30 p.m. – laundry, abstracted.

wp-1486240385567.jpg3:30 p.m. – i finally have time to read this book. i bought it for my mother in law when it came out – she was a big fan of GWB – and i sort of inherited it when she left us. i’ve been wanting to read it for a while. later, Stormageddon came and took it away from me. he replaced it with this (proof that i am clearly raising my children right):

sunday:wp-1486326152006.jpg3 p.m. – i can’t believe i still haven’t felt a sudden desperate need to dye my hair. i can’t believe i’m still feeling this good about growing it out.

wp-1486328922632.jpg4 p.m. – i’m so flippin’ tired of winter.

wp-1486333160215.jpg5 p.m. – i am not cooking this dinner.

monday:wp-1486414095391.jpg3 something p.m. – some much needed zen. plus also this thing is getting so close to done, which makes me happy.

wp-1486423515335.jpg5 something p.m. – i’m driving home and it isn’t dark!

wp-1486426467094.jpg7 p.m. – homeschool life = science, scribbles, and snazzy hats.

wp-1486432155736.jpgsomewhere around 9 p.m. – we’re never going to sleep. that’s fun for everyone but mom.