i can’t believe i clicked that link: Ass Drop

jen:  now i need to cleanse my pallet palette whatever.

deb: i’ma share my ‘assDropFRIDAY!’ playlist with you.
you’ll love it 😉

jen: oh lord.

deb:  i’m kidding.
you’d hate it.

jen: yeah, i was trying to be supportive.

deb: LOL


deb:  i can’t stop myself this morning.  this came on right before i got out of the car and now i’m in a MOOD.

you can’t tell me that the first 15 seconds of that song isn’t genius

jen: i can’t believe you made me click that link.

deb: you need to be more diverse.
i’m here to facilitate that for you.
you’re welcome.

jen: i listen to death metal. sometimes. that’s pretty diverse.

deb: huh

jen: maybe it’s more like biker metal.

deb: i’m pretty sure that i wouldn’t know the difference.

jen: also i secretly kinda love rammstein

deb: whomstein?

jen: frankenstein

deb: whatthefuckenstein!

jen: oooh new word!

deb: i like it

jen: i shall use it liberally

deb: please do!

jen: i can’t listen to this whizz kid. #whatthefuckenstein

deb: i just googled ‘rammstein’

jen: you’re welcome

deb: where to start… ?
what’s your favorite track?

jen: i don’t know them well enough.
i just like them when i hear them.
i wouldn’t say i’m a “fan” really.

deb: then why the fuck did i google them?

jen: because you made me listen to that guy say niggaz and ass

deb: oh, jesus. ‘Mein Land’

jen: now i’m gonna get hate mail for saying niggaz

deb: LOL
now i’m experiencing ‘Haifisch’.
if there’s such a thing as ‘surf metal’ that last one was it.
this one is a little less … frivolous.
i dunno – i can’t get past the german. it’s such an unattractive sounding language.

jen: it’s very authoritative.

deb: too much

jen: i always feel like i’m being yelled at.

deb: goodbye, rammstein.

jen: i just want to apologize.
for whatever i did to piss the germans off.
“i’m sorry i don’t like your beer!”
“i’m sorry i’m not entirely sure what a keugel is!”

deb: i wish i could make this post look more like our bubbles – me on the right, you on the left

jen: google it. maybe you can

deb: i figured it out.
it’s a small hassle, but i like it.  
(ed note:  it was wonky)

jen: you win the crown. if i had one

deb: i already won this morning when you clicked that link

jen: you mean evil won

deb: exactly

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