random photo week – november 2020 (jentober)

this is pretty much my life
before they sent everyone home for remote learning. again.
floofy houseguest
we made tinfoil sculpture
and mustaches
farmer’s popcorn was a disaster. there is no worse smell than burnt popcorn. #migraine
the elusive teenager!
i am the passenger
out in the world re-doing things that should have been done right the first time, and not at all happy about it. p.s. i didn’t screw it up.
it wasn’t even thanksgiving yet FFS
it’s more confusing than you’d think
it’s kind of a big deal
trying to work while virtual kindergarten happens
thankful for mom, milk with ice, pizza, and pacman
this is his cute, please can i have X face. it cracks me up.
early morning buddy
moar seasonal decoar
this dork showing off another kettlebell bruise
honestly. there’s not a lot happening these days.
it was gone by the next day
moar fires! moar controversial reads!
surprise gifts from my unbelievably awesome boss
i used an iron for the first time in …. i don’t even know
apple pie is my very favorite pie in all the land
thanksgiving sunset
another day, another attempt
you should see what my brain looks like
this seems vaguely threatening …
dream sequence

random photo week – october 2020 (jentober)

fixing to train. representing my pal Dave’s awesome band OCD/C
i was on youtube, but not a lot of people watched it. you should totally watch it.
i had to go to campus, so i brought sam and dean home. didn’t seem right leaving them in the office while the series ended.
pinball wizard
this happy michigan tree
it wasn’t even halloween yet, FFS.
this dork showing off her first kettlebell bruise.
wonderful surprise tea gift from my heathre
this monumental waste of time. so pissed off.
pumpkin bread!
coffin brownies!
corn muffin skulls!
we had a bonfire and lovely people came.
i threw together some new seasonal bathroom d├ęcor. i like it.
i always carve the same pumpkin.
W’s pumpkin looking at M’s rotting pumpkin all concerned cracks me up so hard. like, “hey buddy. you uh, you ok??”
at least you can’t see the sweat.

random photo week – august 2020 (jentober)

M’s alligator. he drew that head all by himself.
had to go in to the actual office for a while. it’s hot in there.
damn hell actual work bathroom
home office.
pumpkin bar and delicious cocktail
found this set of neat vintage books
shopping buddy
many meals lately
time to take the auction chickens to the processor
chicken wrangler
and then i found this vintage stool just like my grandma always had in her kitchen when i was growing up. i’ve been looking for one of these for years.
i visited my grandma and coveted her vintage bulldogs stadium cushion that my aunt will swoop in and nab someday.
i don’t have a lot going on right now.
i have no memory of why i took this photo.
when semi-goths do summer?
i got a much needed small gym bench.
damn hell you have to admit i looked super cute bathroom
dinner out with some friends. my delicious pineapple cider and blaine’s two hearted.
no sit
2,789 yards of cotton. makin’ a blanket.
clearing a new section of woods. this fire has been burning for a week.

random photo week july 2020 (jentober)

pizza playground picnic
this is us
damn hell OIT bathroom
had to go up to campus to pick up my new laptop (FINALLY). it’s a ghost town.
there’s my building. campus feels utterly abandoned.
working from home is getting weird, yo.
we built a fort
and then we made it bigger
still want that bullfighter painting for my house
this kid
bees in the birdhouse
flowers from a sweet boy
OCD/C – our friend’s AC/DC cover band. SO much fun.
my handsome date
i can’t remember the last time i went to a party

random photo week (august) – jentober

fair week, in no particular order.

random photo weekend – july (jentober)

in no particular order, things that happened.

i pulled this off the shelf like this. who steals a bun out of the package and puts it back on the shelf?
i’ve been waiting for this to go on clearance since the beginning of june. got it for 60% off. wholly unrelated to that football nike foolishness, btdubs.
the Monster Truck Called Ashley J. Williams had to go in to the body shop. Stormageddon helped clean it out.
stupid chickens
literally anywhere but the coop.
this yarn is trying to tell me what it wants to be.
i may or may not have binged the third season of jessica jones.
this is what the teenager does when you try to take a photo.
this one, on the other hand, loves having his photo taken.
heading out on a route i haven’t driven in many many years. we used to play this in the car on the way there. a long time ago.