randomPhoto day – 10.01.16 (jentober)

wp-1475326698463.jpgi’m not giving you hours today, because to be honest, i totally lost track of what i was doing.

wp-1475326162081.jpgbreakfast buddy

wp-1475331845398.jpgcapitalism, socialism, and democracy, and french breakfast

wp-1475341592293.jpgshe’s got a big fat check from the livestock auction to deposit, yo.

wp-1475341677998.jpgwe stopped in the middle of the road to rescue a turtle around here.

wp-1475341770983.jpglife is hard, take more naps.

wp-1475346556309.jpgmore capitalism, socialism, and democracy, and knitting

wp-1475354671076.jpgthe view from my hair stylist’s salon is ok i guess.


wp-1475362651451.jpgsometimes i feel like i spend 175% of my life washing dishes.

wp-1475362758884.jpgmore french breakfast in the mug they gave me when i graduated college and i’m only sharing this with you because sometimes i suddenly say to myself, “holy shit, i graduated college!”

wp-1475363813687.jpgdeer watching from the dining room window seat.

wp-1475369308082.jpgrealized my thermos was the perfect place for my sleeping bear sticker.

wp-1475372571726.jpgillicit late night snack. i swear i only ate half. … and then went back later and ate the other half. how can i be expected to resist fresh donuts from the farm?

wp-1475413543415.jpgstupid o’clock. why won’t my children go the fuck to sleep, i ask you?

random photo day – 10.01.16 (deb)

good morningimg_2880

doggies happy to see me (probably because they need to pee)img_2867-2

not really ready to get up yet

breakfast prep

coffee stop 🙂    

parking lot puddles

rainy day blues

safeway run because i’m forgetful

end of season berries

kitchen window

making dinner

dinner with chardonnay

goofballing                                                                     img_2929