random photo day 04.01.17 (jentober)

wp-1491054960267.jpg8 a.m. – slept late thanks to a combination of migraine meds and exhaustion. could have slept even longer, to be honest.

wp-1491055001998.jpg9 a.m. – hearthsits with Stormageddon. the light in here is awful.

wp-1491055230487.jpg10 a.m. – thinking about leaving the house. i kinda miss the constant rain and gloom of the last two days. i’m sure that doesn’t surprise you.

wp-1491066143882.jpgwp-1491066064963.jpg11ish and noonish – to the salon, which is on the lake (and how’s that for an office view every day? sheesh!) to get Miss W a very badly needed trim.

wp-1491066187196.jpg1 p.m. – there comes a time on a sunny spring day when a girl needs an apple fritter and a cuppa. so she does.

wp-1491075817999.jpg3 p.m. – dunno what i was doing at 2 because i failed to take a picture of it.

wp-1491077255425.jpg4 p.m. – trying to talk this little cutie into going outside, but watching Monsters, Inc. in your diaper is evidently way more appealing.

wp-1491083383998.jpg5 p.m. – he finally remembered that he loves being outside.

wp-1491088972224.jpg6 p.m. – ISO a chicken sammich.

wp-1491088941219.jpg7 p.m. – a little McMilne shawl zen.

img_20170401_194527.jpg8 p.m. – sunset on the Compound.

wp-1491088825630.jpgalso 8ish p.m. my phone tried to upload two photos at once and this max headroom meets the fly image meld happened and it’s kind of awesome.

wp-1491095826792.jpg9 p.m. – the Tick grins on as I battle an internet that decided this week that we’re only allowed to visit the sites it has deemed acceptable. like sites that are not netflix or ravelry or other very important locations. Spoon!

wp-1491101780444.jpg10 p.m. – good night from me and my enormous hand.