random photo day 12.01.16 (jentober)

wp-1480607969065.jpg5:30 a.m. clearly, i am not happy about being awake. but check out my sweet twin peaks shirt.

wp-1480608034236.jpg6:30 a.m. it was rain, then it was snow, then it was rain. i don’t know.

wp-1480608409633.jpg8:30 a.m. i got busy and forgot 7:30. you still love me. enjoy my leg lamp. (that’s the black book of communism. not some pro-communism foolishness.)

wp-1480608141335.jpg9:30 a.m. emergency slide show surgery.

wp-1480608222922.jpg10:30 or there abouts. a much needed knitting break.

wp-1480610622969.jpg11:30 a.m. my honors thesis is being featured (along with two others) in the honors college display in the student center for the next week or so.

wp-1480613858665.jpg12:30 p.m. waiting for my student to arrive to cover the desk so i can go to lunch, listening to this whacky artist who is cracking me up. “Good. Wonderful that you’re that. But leave me the fuck alone.” yep. pretty much.

wp-1480621192401.jpg2:00 p.m. because i was busy eating at 1:30. lunch with my pop!

wp-1480625384167.jpg3:30 p.m. this isn’t gonna cut it.

wp-1480628590699.jpg4:30 p.m. almost time to blow this popsicle stand.

wp-1480631876672.jpg5:30 p.m. had to stop at the grocery store. i don’t eat yogurt. yogurt is vile.

wp-1480634278780.jpg6:30 p.m. why, yes. yes that is metallic glitter and confetti all over the living room carpet.

wp-1480638783524.jpg7:30 p.m. he had glitter in places no one should ever have glitter.

wp-1480643925846.jpg8:30 p.m. yawn.

wp-1480646051124.jpg9:30 p.m. migraine, with feather.

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