fixing to train. representing my pal Dave’s awesome band OCD/C
i was on youtube, but not a lot of people watched it. you should totally watch it.
i had to go to campus, so i brought sam and dean home. didn’t seem right leaving them in the office while the series ended.
pinball wizard
this happy michigan tree
it wasn’t even halloween yet, FFS.
this dork showing off her first kettlebell bruise.
wonderful surprise tea gift from my heathre
this monumental waste of time. so pissed off.
pumpkin bread!
coffin brownies!
corn muffin skulls!
we had a bonfire and lovely people came.
i threw together some new seasonal bathroom d├ęcor. i like it.
i always carve the same pumpkin.
W’s pumpkin looking at M’s rotting pumpkin all concerned cracks me up so hard. like, “hey buddy. you uh, you ok??”
at least you can’t see the sweat.

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