he was comparing our skin tone. he says i’m very pale.
and then i tweaked my shoulder
the fire is back
it’s ok, they’re all still alive
he very solemnly decided to go out fox hunting, because he swears he saw a fox
i love it when gas is below 2 bux
someday they’ll be mine. someday.
i l u bilbo’s pizza
yes and no, not necessarily in that order.
(don’t worry, pop, i didn’t drink your scotch. or eat your hell chip.)
explaining to an internet friend where i live in the Mitten.
and why we’re called trolls.
school hard
unexpected wonderful surprise in the mail from a friend
can we continue to maintain this in lines after life resumes sanity? i don’t want to stand that close to you.
please note here that i am wearing doc martens and socks and my feet, unused to such torture after months of bare feet and only the brief donning of chuck taylors, were screaming hot, crying “tha fuck is this shit???”
he’s fine. and we’re very glad.
at least all of borgess’ rooms are private thanks to COVID
damn hell hospital bathroom
first frost
course prep and caramel apple cider boost
hello lunch
30+ years of friendship.
damn hell canceled nick cave concert bathroom
(actually knew it was canceled for a couple of months, but it still sucks)
be glad i didn’t post the very much sweatier one i shot the next day.
the wee heathens draw together all the time, and it’s awesome.
he spelled cat all by himself. that’s pretty huge.
had to borrow my dad’s house two tuesdays in a row for internet because they were working on burying our service line from the power pole.
damn hell pop’s house is very very cold bathroom
thanks again, guys, we appreciate you letting us invade your territory on sequential tuesdays so the heathens could school.

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