M’s alligator. he drew that head all by himself.
had to go in to the actual office for a while. it’s hot in there.
damn hell actual work bathroom
home office.
pumpkin bar and delicious cocktail
found this set of neat vintage books
shopping buddy
many meals lately
time to take the auction chickens to the processor
chicken wrangler
and then i found this vintage stool just like my grandma always had in her kitchen when i was growing up. i’ve been looking for one of these for years.
i visited my grandma and coveted her vintage bulldogs stadium cushion that my aunt will swoop in and nab someday.
i don’t have a lot going on right now.
i have no memory of why i took this photo.
when semi-goths do summer?
i got a much needed small gym bench.
damn hell you have to admit i looked super cute bathroom
dinner out with some friends. my delicious pineapple cider and blaine’s two hearted.
no sit
2,789 yards of cotton. makin’ a blanket.
clearing a new section of woods. this fire has been burning for a week.

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