we used to spend all our time in this room
baby gift for a co-worker
they might be giants dance party
with frequent stops for peanut butter bites
damn hell haven’t worn a pony tail in a while bathroom
this project will be finished on my death bed
his structures always look like abstract sculpture to me
is there life on mars?
social anxiety on my way to a party where i am only acquainted with a handful of people. and who do i run into almost immediately? my dentist. so weird.
we had fun
i love party meatballs
we shared cake
my handsome date
one of the rare occasions where i could look in the mirror and say, ‘damn, girl!’ but it still felt like we crashed some random middle aged party with a cover band and miller lite.
there may have been shenanigans
i found my retirement home
and my summer car
i’ll just take all the muscle cars, thanks
do they even make hood ornaments anymore?
this is probably what i’ll look like when i’m haunting you
alternative retirement home. probably not really a contender.
that’s where i’ll knit and drink tea in the middle of nowhere. alone. in the blessed quiet of northern lower michigan. or something.
then we went to dinner (just like a real date) at this newish place. i said “the inside of this place is nothing at all like i pictured. i feel like they just plopped some tables down in the middle of a bowling alley pro shop.” and he said “well. it used to be a golf pro shop, so … yeah. i don’t think they even changed the carpet.” and then i laughed because i am hilarious and also almost always right. but we had a really good day, so it didn’t matter.
they had good burgers, anyway.

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