my friend joe is a huge nick cave fan. he’s also single so he can do things like fly to DC for a bad seeds concert and then send me an awesome tee.

my tea and my boyfriend, Frédéric Bastiat.

they’re best friends.

37 degrees and slightly cloudy is perfect hiking weather. 

the National Park Service just bought the land that our favorite stretch of the North County Trail runs through. (it had been for sale for several years.) we won’t be able to make our 50 mile goal this year, but we have made 24.28 miles, which isn’t bad for a 4 year old. (obviously, this is a cumulative total 😁) the Mister and the teenager do not enjoy hiking. also after this, Stormageddon told me he was done with hiking as well. guess next year i’ll just aim for the 100 miles on my own. maybe i’ll finally take up listening to audio books.

i don’t think there’s anything better than The Mitten in the fall.

A lot of the NCT runs through private property, but the property owners are kind enough to lease or lend a trail’s width for hikers to traverse.

really high pain weekend. really excellent reading on brain death and organ transplants (comparisons between North America and Japan) though.

outside a mexican restaurant, inexplicably.

our ice maker broke. we buy it by the bag now. who has room for ice cube trays anymore? freezers aren’t designed for them.


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