good morning

bonus cuteness

new tea mugs i simply could not stop myself from purchasing for obvious reasons.

cuban pulled pork prep for what appears to be the annual Family Dinner on The Compound

he went on and on about how his friend deb was going to love this chili when she came to his party. he was very sad when i explained that she couldn’t come to the party because she was all the way home at her house.

she started with the john deere but it ran out of gas

then the weather blew in

then they ran around in the storm until the lightning came

very excited to be allowed to go out on the firing range with the big kids.

showing me his hits

not bad for a little guy with a bb gun

pleased as punch

some of the big kids

marlene and her pornographic mushroom


a visiting dog killed at least one of our girls, severely injured at least two others. a couple of girls are MIA entirely.

flowers for the table

edgar allan poke


damn hell i looked pretty cute this morning before cooking a batch of chili, 2 dozen corn muffins, gluten free pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, scrubbing down the patio for guests, 1 first degree burn on my finger, 26 rounds of 9mm ammo, a chicken attack, 1 severe thunder storm, 1 mild rain, 1 tornado warning, and a migraine. i should have taken a picture then bathroom

blue coat is a miracle substance that you use on injured chickens – for cuts and bites and what have you. works like a dream. also stains like you wouldn’t believe.

this shit isn’t coming off for a week.


looking for something else, i found the missing stash of googley eyes.

hey! i’m taking a class and i don’t hate it!

finally finishing up this project. this was an extremely slow knit, which was mostly purposely.

it kept promising to rain monday and it didn’t and it didn’t and it didn’t, so i washed the Truck Named Ashley J. Williams. and then it rained.

from our garden. they’re mostly too small to carve, but i love them.

the light

foggy sunset


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