tattoo face

we tattooed ourselves on ourselves because bffs, baby.

morning, with fancy french tea. but not in that cup.

so. many. eggs.

the annual last minute fair crunch. SIGH.

poultry diseases. good times.

the judges LOVED her work. of course.

waiting on the poultry project judge.

are we not adorable? yes. yes we are.

i don’t know who made this bench, but it’s awesome.

if you love fall as much as i do, and also are a fan of cider, i strongly recommend this one out of grand rapids, mi.

poultry has to be pullorum tested. the tester hit an artery in one of her birds. there was much bleeding.

i think i have one of these for every year he’s been alive.

all he cared about was the shake.

damn hell steak n shake bathroom. there’s also a damn hell portajohn bathroom and a damn hell sweetwater’s bathroom, but i’m sparing you. you’re welcome.

sweetwater’s trip.

everybody loves sweetwater’s.

still more adorableness.

fairs are inherently creepy.

he was meh-ing and clanging his bell.

he was meowing.


i’ve never seen a happier boy in my entire life.

Grand Champion Cornish!

sarah joined us!

i think these might be out of order …

this ride went on so long he actually tried to climb off of it while it was still moving.

he loves the rides. he’s perpetually bummed he can’t go on the big kid ones.

farewell breakfast. *sniff*

if you haven’t clicked away yet, i’ll leave you with the giant moo.

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