2018-05-05 03.41.13 1.jpg

supernatural, knitting

2018-05-05 03.41.14 1.jpg

still knitting. one dishcloth down, one to go.

2018-05-05 03.41.12 1.jpg

some pizza sometime

2018-05-05 03.41.10 1.jpg

dragging my family to a viking encampment that was a little on the disappointing side and that is why my family never wants to do anything with me

2018-05-05 03.41.09 1.jpg


2018-05-05 03.41.07 1.jpg

everybody’s favorite tent – the weapons

2018-05-05 03.41.05 1.jpg

chain mail is heavy

2018-05-05 03.41.00 1.jpg

2018-05-05 03.40.49 1.jpg

2018-05-05 03.40.58 1.jpg

the teenager refused to participate, even though she is literally named for a valkyrie (her middle name). she refused to let me take her picture all day.

2018-05-05 03.40.41 1.jpg

2018-05-05 03.40.39 1.jpg

2018-05-05 03.40.32 1.jpg

i worked at this library when i was in high school, except back then it was less than half the size and in a different location. still my favorite job ever.

2018-05-05 03.40.27 2.jpg

my gran

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2018-05-05 03.40.25 1.jpg

2018-05-05 03.40.24 1.jpg

2018-05-05 03.40.18 1.jpg

2018-05-05 03.40.10 1.jpg

“i can wear your cow hat?”

2018-05-05 03.40.17 1.jpg

shooting some finished knits.

2018-05-05 03.40.15 1.jpg

2018-05-05 06.09.09 1.jpg

editing, diet dr. pepper, knitting

2018-05-05 06.09.03 1.jpg

evidently next week is teacher appreciation week. every day has a different theme. monday is “homemade,” so friday i ran up and got some dishcloth cotton so i could whip up a couple of dishcloths for Stormageddon’s teacher. but only because i like her.

2018-05-05 06.09.06 1.jpg

stormageddon’s sprouts

2018-05-05 07.48.21 1.jpg

and then my dinner, which was tasty, disagreed with my stomach, and there was vomit.

2018-05-05 08.10.06 2.jpg

but all that green is making my soul happy.

2018-05-05 09.12.40 2.jpg

and this zen

2018-05-05 09.29.47 1.jpg

and this shirt, which i still think i need on a poster for my office. and may also be the best shirt ever.





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