random photo day 03.03.18 (jentober)


2018-03-03 09.53.37 1.jpg

always time for tea.

2018-03-03 09.53.35 1.jpg

so much tea. and super top secret test knitting with an affordable yarn i’d never used before but am 100% in love with.

2018-03-03 02.35.24 1.jpg

i left the house. it’s a miracle.

2018-03-03 02.35.20 1.jpg


2018-03-03 02.35.23 1.jpg

it’s a beautiful day on the bay.

2018-03-03 02.35.13 1.jpg

i tried to get a pic of W and she hid under a blanket.

2018-03-03 03.37.21 1.jpg

rawr means i love you in dinosaur.

2018-03-03 03.37.15 1.jpg

my NRA students gave me a sweet new hat yesterday.

2018-03-03 04.59.03 1.jpg

started a new training program.

2018-03-03 04.59.05 1.jpg

isn’t he dreamy?

2018-03-03 06.39.49 1.jpg

right before she fled the house for plainwell ice cream with a pal.

2018-03-03 06.39.39 1.jpg

trying to escape. her ride has arrived.

2018-03-03 06.39.35 1.jpg


2018-03-03 10.55.16 1.jpg

we’re so exciting.

2018-03-03 10.55.19 1.jpg

can’t stop, won’t stop.

2018-03-03 10-1.55.06 1.jpg


2018-03-03 10-1.55.05 1.jpg

sweet dreams, chickens.


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