random photo day – 02.10.18 (deb)



lovely day in the PNW



Central Market goodness



buying stuff i prolly don’t need all that badly. i did get a cute dress for Paris though 🙂



new spectacles for this cutie pie. she made out like gangbusters: a year’s worth of contact lenses plus new glasses, plus a mail-in rebate and $100 from mom towards her vision expenses brings her actual cost to $5. Plus the $ she spent on getting her very own Costco membership 🙂



my new car air freshener is SO cute! i’m having a pineapple moment lately – my new phone case and popsocket are both pineapple-y too!



time for a new computer. i had no idea they made these all-in-one things – it’s awesome. touchscreen and everything. woot.



daddy has been gone ALL DAY and this is where this idiot has been ALL DAY. except when i kicked them both outside because it was nice.



i do so love this movie. one of my favorites.



it’s bloody cold in here. the heater vents are spewing COLD air again – time for repairs. good thing my handyman has ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD these days!



he’d probably kill me if he knew i was posting this on the internet. he’s game to be silly, but last time i posted one of these (on FB when we got engaged) he got all … whatever, and I felt bad so i changed the photo. i kinda wish i hadn’t though.

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