random photo day 01.06.18 (jentober)

i’ve been super bad about keeping track of the hours when i’ve shot these last few months. i promise to do better in february. really.


you cannot start a day without tea.

here be monsters

i suppose the bathroom is as good a place as any to display your commemorative, if tattered, copy of the Declaration.

i love this crazy fireplace at the salon.

steadfastly refusing a haircut after insisting on a haircut.

he’s got the whole world in his hands. (you saw that coming, right?)

i needed some brownies. he loves to cook.

visit from memaw and pepaw.

photobomb success

failing to beat me.

using up some stash yarn on a hat, hit with some design inspiration.

two handed color work, chickens.

pissed at me cos i’m doing it wrong.

couple of miles on the treadmill with sam and dean winchester.

he was telling me what kind of picture to take. then he’d inspect the photo to make sure i got it right.



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