morning. sigh.

thought we’d get pumpkins before it rained. then it cleared up and just got hot.

i’ve never seen anyone as happy as this kid was to be picking out pumpkins. ever. not even me.

they’re so pretty!

a few groceries, a prescription that was called in yesterday that was not ready to be picked up (grrrrr), and a Sandy pony ride.

the chick that you can’t really see in that car unloaded her groceries, then pushed that cart up to my bumper and got in her car to leave. asshole.

i just lost it on my family because they were behaving like savages and i was tired of it. now i’m hiding in my room until i calm down.

orange and cardamom. it smells freaking amazing.

we got donuts at the farm. so yum.

cleaning off the porch so we can carve pumpkins.

he asked me for some scissors so he could carve his pumpkin (which was mostly done through hand signals and some sound translation.)

little photo editing. before some photo shooting.

making chili. yummy yummy chili.

shooting a photo. a bloody, bloody photo.

it’s the most wonderful time of the year. 100% in my happy place. don’t judge me.

desperately needed zen: making progress on the re-knit of my drift’s ridge. at least it’ll be done before it snows this year. if it snows this year.

Stormageddon was playing with my oyster crackers, when he suddenly gasped and exclaimed, “It’s Magnus!” he made an oyster cracker magnus. (which he pronounces like manness)

storm rolling in.

sadness. she is broken.

here’s hoping for a less antagonistic sunday. sweet dreams, chickens.

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