random photo day – 07.01.17 (jentober)

8 a.m. – i tried really hard to stay in bed longer, but finally admitted defeat.

9 a.m. – nothing shall be done before i finish my tea. nothing!

10 a.m. – washing dishes

11 a.m. – my floor mopping helper. he vacuumed up the pile of dirt i swept up.

noon – your lunch is undoubtedly better than my lunch.

1 p.m. – “the market is not just a soulless economic mechanism; it is a spiritual phenomenon as well, without which there can be no personal freedom, at least in modern societies.” #preach

2 p.m. – time to stock up on explosives.

3 p.m. – have to finish painting the new chicken tractor.

4 p.m. – nothing better than playing in the fire pit.

5 p.m. – “it’s not my blood!” she said.

6 p.m. – i’m hungry and the burger king is still painting the chicken tractor.

7 p.m. – finally. dinner.

8 p.m. – i’m tired of cleaning up after people today.

9 p.m. – smoke grenades and sparklers.

9:30 p.m. – have i mentioned that i am completely over cleaning up after people?

10:30 p.m. – sweet dreams, chickens.


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