random photo day – 01.01.17 (jentober)

wp-1483280395153.jpg8:30 a.m. – warm snuggly alarm

img_20170101_095007.jpg9:30 a.m. – i’m having problems and they’re not called “my desk is a disaster.”

wp-1483284561177.jpg10:30 a.m. – space chickens. well, it was either this or the dog vomit.

wp-1483288172635.jpg11:30 a.m. – i sat down to finish this damn sleeve and had to get right back up again before i knitted a single stitch.

wp-1483292882484.jpg12:30 p.m. – lunch

wp-1483296657960.jpg1:30 p.m. – putting important things in the mail that require excess postage.

wp-1483298804004.jpg2:30 p.m. – two sleeves done. now for the body. … that sounded somehow ominous.

wp-1483304538186.jpg3:30 p.m. – laundry.

wp-1483306361630.jpg4:30 p.m. – had to rescue the batty girl from stormageddon.

wp-1483311382526.jpg5:30 p.m. – my “new” car plays mp3s and it is awesome. (mix tape from Red – one of many. on account of she loves me.)

wp-1483314232251.jpg6:30 p.m. – dinotopia.

wp-1483316796211.jpg7:30 p.m. – bath.

wp-1483321219119.jpg8:30 p.m. – bedtime for wee humans and also tigers that may or may not be named hobbes.


9:30 p.m. – cuppa tea, other knitting, and Blue Bloods. i heart you, Tom Selleck.

wp-1483327751975.jpg10:30 p.m. – might as well say goodnight. so. goodnight and stuff.

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