randomPhoto day – 09.01.16 (jentober)

wp-1472728492368.jpg 5:30 ish and how the hell is it september already??

wp-1472728553781.jpg 6:30 something – hello darkness, my old friend. this is what my morning commute is going to look like for the next 6 months.

wp-1472732537054.jpg i have no idea what time this was – damn hell bathroom abstract.

wp-1472732671850.jpg in the neighborhood of 7:30 – walkies, charlie, walkies. it really really really bothers me that it says resident and not residence.

wp-1472736512329.jpg 9 or thereabouts – you guys! it’s officially caramel apple cider season!

wp-1472740965710.jpg 10:30 – work zen. velma sweater.

wp-1472743003121.jpg 11:17 – a friend brought me a souvenir from the U.P. … is it totally stuck in your head now too?

wp-1472749047141.jpg 12:30 – lunch, yo.

wp-1472752012194.jpg 1:30 – working hard on some stuff at my standing desk that i love, but i am not wearing the most sensible shoes i own today.

wp-1472756880069.jpg 2:30? 3? i don’t know. – i got nothin. ruthlessly copy-editing the first newsletter of the academic year. i’m a brutal proofer. with a leg lamp.

IMG_20160901_164017 4:30 – this is not my wooden name thinger.

wp-1472768351824.jpg 5:30 – homeward bound.

wp-1472773471277.jpg 7:30 – hello from Stormageddon. watching his favorite movie – Shaun the Sheep – for the twelvety seventh time. and it’s the cutest thing. he will act out the entire movie. i die.

wp-1472776510534.jpg 8:30 – Miss W, drawing, telling me all about how she wants a wheel-y chair that spins so she can roll it down the driveway, because doesn’t that sound like an epic idea???

wp-1472779412066.jpg 9:30 – goodnight ladies, ladies goodnight. except not really. i’m just signing off. smooches to you.

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