randomPhoto day that is actually 3 days late so good job, jentober 08.04.16

wp-1470313700229.jpg 6:30 commute. i like the concept of carpooling, if i had someone to carpool with, but in reality, i can’t deal with other humans this early.

wp-1470313700238.jpg 7:30 a.m. walkies.

wp-1470320898440.jpg 10 ish. iced coffee run. honestly, i wasn’t doing anything worth noting between the last pic and now anyway. no one wants to look at photos of spreadsheets. yawn-tastic.

wp-1470325338594.jpg 11:30 a.m. picked up Miss W’s 4H project from the printer. fair is just over a day away!

wp-1470328707948.jpg 12:30 p.m. lunch zen: working on my tee along tee.

wp-1470338970585.jpg 3:30 p.m. there’s a big jump there because i was in a meeting for 2 hours. about neil gaiman. not even kidding. so while there was nothing interesting to shoot, it was not a waste of time. but you get fewer photos, so i’m really sorry. please forgive me.

wp-1470343699804.jpg 4:30 p.m. art for the fall global water exhibit. so much to do. so much to do.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
5:30 p.m. slooooooow leak is starting to get a whole lot faster. bastard. my hand looks huge.

wp-1470351961519.jpg5:50 p.m. annual pre-fair mandatory livestock meeting truck pizza picnic. (i think the truck pizza picnic part is just us though.)

wp-1470351972637.jpg6:30 p.m. homeward bound. finally.

wp-1470357252047.jpg7:30 p.m. the tiger lilies are taller than me this year.

wp-1470360710158.jpg8:30 p.m. you guys. this hair. i can’t even. but i replaced the readers Stormageddon knocked on the ground, so that’s cool.

wp-1470363422268.jpg 10:30 p.m. speaking of Stormageddon … guess who’s not flipping sleeping.

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