jentober’s random photo friday

This was supposed to be on the hour but my morning was problematic.

wp-1467376905314.jpg 5:45 a.m. (give or take)

wp-1467376905276.jpg 6:25 ish, it’ll even out, back on track, honest.

7:25 or thereabouts …

wp-1467376905306.jpg 8:30 – I should probably do some work now … sometimes i feel like they’re probably judging me.

wp-1467380905154.jpg 9:45 keep your feet on the ground …

wp-1467380905163.jpg 9:45 come on, you know the rest. it’s only in my head because they were talking about Casey Kasem on the radio this morning.

wp-1467383599747.jpg 10:30 zen break.

wp-1467386048850.jpg 11:something-or-other postcards arrived from germany and england for my collection!

wp-1467391618304.jpg12:15 p.m. give or take – lunch run with my co-pilot.

wp-1467396214686.jpg1:30 – nothing but work, work, work all the time.

wp-1467399608442.jpg2:30 – walkies, charlie. walkies.

wp-1467401659957.jpg3:30 – i have no idea why this day isn’t over yet, but here we are.

wp-1467405328694.jpg4:30 – same window, different weather.

wp-1467411346943.jpg 5:30 – stopped for coffee and prescription strength ibuprophen. they only had the small bags of coffee, which are overpriced, but it ended up being free on account of rewards, baby. they had lots of firecrackery stuff though. happy birthday ‘merica!

wp-1467413506907.jpg 6:30 – Stormageddon stopped by the geekery to visit his favorite teapot and take the novelty buttons off mom’s camera bag – here’s looking at you port townsend!

wp-1467418984862.jpg 7:30 – sometimes i bathe. what? i wish my hair had looked this good at graduation. curse you michigan humidity! (i really need to clean that mirror … ) #LLAP

wp-1467424801311.jpg 9:i don’t know? the tween angst is palpable. hates me. of course.

wp-1467425070782.jpg 10:00 throwing in the towel. my evening has been problematic. make good dreams, chickens.

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