random photo week – june (jen)

got his own fancy hydroflask water bottle
who knew i’d be eating oats and drinking coffee every morning one day
or swinging cast iron around every day and loving it
bed head
sent the wee heathens north with Pop and hit the road ourselves
spent a couple days down in three oaks with our pals
went to Ghost Isle Brewery which had good food but i mainly loved because the name 100% sounds like an episode of scooby doo where the gang goes on vacation to ghost island and of course there is a mystery to solve.
visited Journeyman Distillery and it was awesome
got to taste this whiskey right out of the still. it was buttery and delicious.
blaine’s happy dinner drink
whiskey tasting after the tour. heaven.
had to go catch the sunset over lake michigan at warren dunes
this little house we stayed in across from the distillery was super cute, but the water smelled unbelievably bad. bed was mad comfy though.
homeward bound to lots of rain
happy father’s day!
smooches to you

random photo week – may (jen)

early morning
i just frankly like showing off my hard work at this point.
heavy metal
C is for Chloe
i just remembered half of this batch is still in the freezer. yum.
also i love how every time i make scones there are always two wedges that look like a heart.
he just ended up getting a trim this time
went for a 3+ mile walk and rant with this amazing lady and dear friend.
let me just tell you that 80s cover bands are about as fun as it gets
all you can do is laugh. i needed to vacuum the floor anyway.
still haven’t framed my bachelor’s or my certifications, but my aunt bought me this beautiful frame for my master’s