random photo week – november 2020 (jentober)

this is pretty much my life
before they sent everyone home for remote learning. again.
floofy houseguest
we made tinfoil sculpture
and mustaches
farmer’s popcorn was a disaster. there is no worse smell than burnt popcorn. #migraine
the elusive teenager!
i am the passenger
out in the world re-doing things that should have been done right the first time, and not at all happy about it. p.s. i didn’t screw it up.
it wasn’t even thanksgiving yet FFS
it’s more confusing than you’d think
it’s kind of a big deal
trying to work while virtual kindergarten happens
thankful for mom, milk with ice, pizza, and pacman
this is his cute, please can i have X face. it cracks me up.
early morning buddy
moar seasonal decoar
this dork showing off another kettlebell bruise
honestly. there’s not a lot happening these days.
it was gone by the next day
moar fires! moar controversial reads!
surprise gifts from my unbelievably awesome boss
i used an iron for the first time in …. i don’t even know
apple pie is my very favorite pie in all the land
thanksgiving sunset
another day, another attempt
you should see what my brain looks like
this seems vaguely threatening …
dream sequence

random photo week – october (deb)

moving present
there are ALWAYS dirty knives hanging around in my kitchen. because my husband refuses to clean them up. he also uses a damn santoku knife to spread peanut butter on bread. lord preserve us 🙄
breakfast before golfing
always up in my business
the least disaster-y part of my house this week
lovecraft country
new desk, new spot, same mess
through the sunroof, early morning
subaru of puyallup
i’m such a nice mother sometimes
along river road
the before, the rejected, and the new freshness
used knife with nibbled cheese
i ♥️ 🍿 and i miss going to the movies
the final ceiling boob photo
the tape and the edges
afternoon break
ha ha assholes!
the disaster area grows
empty bedroom
moar chocolate ice cream
saturday morning standard
i truly appreciate my husband and his willingness to do ALL the painting
doggy drive-by
my microwave splatter guard is cute but judgy
this totally reminds me of when my children were young and would play in boxes or laundry baskets for hours
the driveway
i liked this one with the blurry blurs
monday, monday

random photo week – october 2020 (jentober)

fixing to train. representing my pal Dave’s awesome band OCD/C
i was on youtube, but not a lot of people watched it. you should totally watch it.
i had to go to campus, so i brought sam and dean home. didn’t seem right leaving them in the office while the series ended.
pinball wizard
this happy michigan tree
it wasn’t even halloween yet, FFS.
this dork showing off her first kettlebell bruise.
wonderful surprise tea gift from my heathre
this monumental waste of time. so pissed off.
pumpkin bread!
coffin brownies!
corn muffin skulls!
we had a bonfire and lovely people came.
i threw together some new seasonal bathroom décor. i like it.
i always carve the same pumpkin.
W’s pumpkin looking at M’s rotting pumpkin all concerned cracks me up so hard. like, “hey buddy. you uh, you ok??”
at least you can’t see the sweat.